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"God is Faithful---Celebrating 48 years of Ministry, 1975-2023"

Blonnie Gregory

Chaplain Blonnie Gregory

A Special Message

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You can hear this anointed word and the full sermon that goes with it from Sister Gregory's lips by clicking on this link. Click HERE to Hear the entire sermon and prophecy Below you can read the prophecy portion of the sermon. Please listen to this message that God has given to Sister Gregory!
The Scripture background is: John 6:9, 1st Kings 17, 2nd Kings 4 and 1st Samuel 17.

Soon God will call out the pure shepherds and do with them what the Saul's armies could not do; for the Stone they will use will be the Cornerstone the builders rejected...Jesus. HE will do greater with the obedient empty vessels than what the wealth of the ungodly can do. For little that the righteous has is greater than the wealth of the wicked. The empty barrels of the obedient will produce more in time of famine than the ungodly in time of their prosperity. HE will do with a lad's lunch what the warehouses of the ungodly cannot do.

Tell MY people not to look to this evil generation nor to the fullness of their storehouses, for they have been filled with the price of their filth, and by the innocent blood they have shed. Their houses will soon become bare for they have defiled MY House and persecuted MY anointed. Do not count their numbers for soon they will be scattered by the judgment that is to come.

But tell MY people I will show them great and mighty things in the days to come. Tell them to keep themselves from the defilement of this wicked generation. Behold, I come quickly and MY reward is with ME.

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